How to Build a Computer

How to Build a Computer

The best way to buy a  custom gaming computer, is to buy each part individually and build a computer yourself. Tons of people would like to have the knowledge and ability to buy their own computer parts and assemble it with their own hands. However, many are too afraid that they will not know how to put the parts together. What they DON’T know is that is EXREMELY SIMPLE to build a computer yourself! By choosing each part to your computer individually, you will be able to choose the exact specifications you want for your computer, along with it costing alot less than buying a pre-assembled computer from your local retailer.

This website called has step by step instructions on how to build your own custom gaming computerHttp:// starts off by helping you select the parts you want from 3 pre-made computer parts lists. However, if you wish to use parts that are not specifically recommended, this website ALSO teaches you how to make sure your parts are compatible! After you have selected the parts for your computer, this website then goes into great detail on how to build a computer, step by step with plenty of pictures. To start selecting the parts for a computer please visit the Part Selection page which will cover 3 different computer builds that they put together for the basic gaming computer, moderate gaming computer and the computer for elite gaming computer seekers. If you have already attained all the parts for your personal computer, then just jump right in to the How to Build a Computer: Introduction page and get started on the path to assembling your computer!

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